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Quadri Group was established in 1957 and since then we are proud to be associated with the shoe making, hardware and allied industries all over Pakistan. While being a premium adhesives manufacturer of quality products. We provide a complete range of footwear material, adhesives and


Our mission is to bring Pakistan shoe industry in line with the world’s most modern and advanced shoes industry by searching, exploring and providing latest high-quality materials, adhesive and technology.


Our Vision is to be persistently innovative in exploring new business avenues around us and to maintain our position as a market leader and trendsetter of our industry.

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Quadri Group believes in providing all foot wear making material, adhesives and components of top notch quality. In order to ensure quality of international standards, quality checks are thoroughly conducted. A department with the purpose of creating quality products and continuously innovating them has been developed.


Quadri Group provides all shoe making materials, adhesives and components under one roof. It also believes in providing service to its client by leveraging its wide delivery network.


Quadri Group has had a history of providing new and innovative products and solutions to our customer’s requirement or problems. We are working day in day out to constantly provide new products at a reasonable cost.


A new state of the art adhesive manufacturing plant was set up & QG entered in the export business of adhesive.The third generation of Quadri family joined the business. Two technical service centers were inaugurated by the name of “QG Tech” In Karachi & Lahore to cater the demand and technical difficulties faced by manufacturers.



An International standard adhesive plant was acquired to cater increasing demand of adhesives. Quadri Group launched a new product line including high quality adhesive for the hardware and Construction industry. Quadri Group Display Center was established to market more than 200 designs of rubber sheet. The business was reorganized with spin offs in dealership network and concentrating more on core activities with the help of reliable workforce. Quadri Group celebrated its 50 years golden jubilee in 2007. The first private limited company of the group was incorporated. Quadri Group entered into petro chemical business.


This year led to extensive sales expansion to different regions of Pakistan. Various contact adhesives were manufactured, which soon became one of the leading adhesives in Pakistan’s industry. Lahore branch office was established to serve customers of northern region.


Generation joined the business with their expert skills and knowledge to flourish the existing business to new heights. The foundations of Quadri store were made stronger by purchasing a bigger sales points which is presently Quadri Brothers. Quadri Shoe Materials from Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were introduced in Pakistan. A variety of adhesives and primers were introduced that were not heard of in shoe materials business in Pakistan. Quadri Group expanded its distribution network in Karachi and Lahore. With this dealership network Quadri Store became Quadri Group.


The decade was marked by change in business approach from retail to wholesale. This led to the expansion of customer base from cobblers and shoe manufacturers to large shoe materials retailers and wholesalers all over Pakistan


Quadri Group was founded by the name of Quadri Store by two ambitious and hardworking brothers; Muhammad Zafar Uddin Quadri and Muhammad Hanif Uddin Quadri, as a shoes materials and accessories business.

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Boss (4)

Wasim Quadri

Ceo Quadri Group
Boss (4)

Wasim Quadri

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