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Antiqua Super-Dye is a special pigmented soft cream with medium shine. It’s easy use joined with its ability to cover the grain in natural look and feel makes it a perfect treatment for defected grain leather.


Gardenia Super is a special oil, silicon and grease formulation suitable for oily leathers e.g. pull up, crazy horse etc. It equalizes the shade and gives a permanent and durable greased touch.

Fondo Cream

Type Base Coat Cream/ Covering Pigment

  • Applications By sponge

Fondo Cream is a creamy emulsion to fill the leather pores and cover any defect to improve leather quality by making the leather more smooth and flexible.

Toledo Super

Type Transparent liquid dye

  • Applications By sponge, Spray or dipping

Toledo Super is an excellent liquid dye to give the leather a lively and brilliant color. It penetrates the leather giving the same color on the inside as on the outside. It provides unmatchable adhesion and retention. It helps maintain the softness and gives an aniline effect to leather.


Type Transparent creamy dye

  • Applications By spray or sponge.

Kaleidos is an exceptional and appealing thick creamy dye for leather giving an outstanding and deep look. It dyes the leather more homogeneously, improves the appearance of grains, giving leather an aniline and waxy effect with soft hand.

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