Molded Insole


QG Molded Insole are specially designed to conform with the curve of foot arch perfectly, it dynamically supports the shoe and provides stability. QG offers a wide range of insole models so the width of the insole and its amount of stiffness and cushioning can be tailored to your needs.

Every shoe model, every footwear manufacturer, every kind of material and every last requires its own insole’s design and material. At QG, we work with our clients to design, realize and provide the perfect insole with the best combination of needed materials.

Our molded insoles are fast, affordable, easy to use and light weight. Multiple designs are readily available for MEN and WOMEN shoes with varying heel and arch dimensions.

Shanks play a key role in insoles. It is a stiff piece of material inserted between the midsole and outsole to provide torsional stability, the needed stiffness to the entire shoe, heel tightness and assures a perfect fit. At QG we know how the details are important for a quality product: every insole can be assembled with a well-performing and strongest heel fixing.

Materials used in Molded Insole:

  • The choice of Insole Paper Boards & Non-woven Fiber Boards
  • Finest quality of Shank Board
  • Steel shanks, with and without rivets
  • Latex foam & Rubber foam, for comfort and shock absorption

QG carefully handles the insole manufacturing process to ensure our customers receive the finest quality of insoles available in Pakistan, which are up to the mark with international standards. Every insole is roughened, trimmed, verified individually, mechanically pressed to ensure components tightness even after intensive shoe usage.